Great opportunity to uncover “good stories” and “be nosey”

generic dod - programmesUNCOVERING the good stories behind Scotland’s buildings fascinates Frances MacArthur the most about Doors Open Day.

She’s recently discovered some interesting facts about a building she’s frequented regularly for many years.

Frances, Cultural Development Manager for East Dunbartonshire, revealed: “Any building with a bit of history fascinates me, but especially anything with good stories behind it, so for that reason, Glasgow’s Central Station is my favourite.

“Having used it hundreds of times, I only recently really looked at it and found out a bit more about the people who built it and the part it has played in our history.”

Locally, it’s Barony Chambers in Kirkintilloch that interests Frances the most.

Frances is local coordinator for East Dunbartonshire Doors Open Day

Frances is local coordinator for East Dunbartonshire Doors Open Day

She added: “Last year it celebrated its 200th anniversary.

“In its time it has served as the civic centre of the town, and still houses the town bell and clock. Nowadays it is part of the Auld Kirk museum complex and is used for storage, meetings and art classes.”

Why attend Doors Open Day? According to Frances, “it is a great opportunity to be nosey and find out more about the heritage all around us”.

About doorsopendays

Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free annual architectural event. It is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust.
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