Doors Open Days in Ayrshire

Although much of the focus of Doors Open Days is on the buildings themselves, it’s often the “living” aspect of the buildings that makes them special. Whether through connections to family history, or current residents (in this case residents of the feathered variety!), it’s always great to hear how Doors Open Days comes to life. We’ve enjoyed hearing about these wee stories from Doors Open Days in Ayrshire…

Riccarton Parish Church, Kilmarnock, have reported back that a couple of overseas visitors were thrilled to see the Registers on display as part of Ayrshire’s Doors Open Days and were able use them to trace their ancestors.  Subsequently on returning home, the visitors have kept in touch by email to continue their family history research.  This may well be a story repeated elsewhere as part of Doors Open Days – we’d love to hear from you if you were able to uncover some interesting information during one of your DOD visits!

Owl cote

Image (c) M. Hitchon

Meanwhile, the young barn owls at The Owl Cote, Newmilns, flew the nest on the Wednesday before Ayrshire’s DOD and so visitors were able to see inside The Owl Cote.  Hugh Hendry made a video recording of the owlets so visitors were able to see the four young owls growing up!  This season the eggs were laid late and it is excellent news to report that four were successfully reared this year.  According to press reports there were smaller broods than usual in the south.

Have you got any stories to share from Doors Open Days this year?


About doorsopendays

Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free annual architectural event. It is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust.
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