Doors Open Days Adventures: Glasgow

Here at Doors Open Days, we love hearing all about what you got up to and which buildings you went to visit. With such a huge and diverse range of buildings, talks, tours, walks and other events available (and all for free!) Doors Open Days attracts people of all ages and walks of life. We asked a few DOD-goers what their Glasgow highlights were…

Barrowlands Glasgow Copyright Gavin Dunbar

Photo (c) Gavin Dunbar

Gavin Dunbar from Camera Obscura went along for a musical day out at Glasgow’s iconic Barrowland Ballroom. He says:

“I went into the Barrowland for Doors Open Days to show my son where my band Camera Obscura plays Glasgow, and to my surprise found a picture of us up on display, which was a lovely surprise.”

Provans Lordship 1 Copyright Kevin Kerrigan Provans Lordship 3 Copyright Kevin Kerrigan Provans Lordship 2 Copyright Kevin Kerrigan

Photos (c) Kevin Kerrigan

Kevin Kerrigan from Glasgow Life, on the other hand, focused on the historical aspect of Doors Open Days by spending some time at Provan Hall over the weekend:

“Provan Hall was hosting a series of heritage events, tours and talks around the 500th anniversary of Flodden. The hall, built in 1490 was a contemporary building of James IV, who stayed there during his reign, using it as a hunting lodge. James was killed at the battle of Flodden making him the last British king to die on the battlefield. We had archaeological objects from Flodden battlefield including a cannon ball and arrowheads from Glasgow Museums collection. Weapons handling, kilt making, face painting, archery and even a chance to wield an 18ft long Scots pike, similar to one that would have been used at Flodden. Free buses ran from Glasgow city centre each day.”

Glasgow DOD (c) Charles Turtle Glasgow DOD (c) Charles Turtle Glasgow DOD (c) Charles Turtle

Photos (c) Charles Turtle

Charles Turtle, Graphic Designer, also enjoyed exploring Glasgow as part of Doors Open Days. Here’s what he got up to:

“Thank you Doors Open Days, I will never be stuck for something to do in September! My family and I had a brilliant time at the very secret and hidden away Concrete Garden. There was live music, live chicken, food sampling from their own produce of cheeses and pickles, and even fried crickets on skewers and cookies made with meal worms! We all tried some grub, not all of us could keep it down; a weird and wonderful new experience. I managed to collect lots of interesting images and textures, so as a graphic designers the visit was both informative, fun and inspiring.”

Glasgow DOD (c) Charles Turtle Glasgow DOD (c) Charles Turtle Glasgow DOD (c) Charles TurtlePhotos (c) Charles Turtle

Did you visit any of these venues during Doors Open Days? Let us know which Glasgow buildings were your favourites!


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Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free annual architectural event. It is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust.
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